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We never realized how we were communicating was contributing to our health problems. This explains a lot.”

C. R.

We used to argue every day, and very intensely. We now talk to each other. Occasional we have little spates but they are rare and end quickly. We now can sit and talk we couldn’t do it before without both of us getting defensive and attacking one another.

C. Q.

After getting this information, we saw it was clearly us. Not only was our communication attempts making it worse but we realized what was the source of our ongoing health problems.

T. R.

We now know how stress is affecting our relationship. We never heard it explained it so clearly and simply.

P. R.

What was interesting was that I saw how I was making the same mistake in my marriage that I was with my family growing up, my children and at work.

V. M.

Everything I always heard said ‘talk to your children: Tell them how you feel and encourage them to do the same’. Since I stopped doing that the arguments have stopped and for the first time we able to talk to each other without arguing. I wish I had known this 20 years ago.

O. S. (mom)

The information I received in the initial session was incredible intense – enlightening and simple. I was able to see that I had been doing wrong my whole life.

C. J.

I came into counseling for marital problems I was having. I have been meaning to exercise for years. I now know I need to start now.

Statesville Firefigther

I got more out of 3 sessions with Phil than I did with 4 years of counseling with other therapists

Brett S.

I understand for the first time what was happening with us in our attempts to communicate. Everything we ever learned was wrong and make it worse.

M. N.

Wow! I am in the medical field and thought I knew about the f/f response and brain functioning. I have never seen this material put together like this. I didn’t know it could be that simple and clarify so much.

R. C., Nurse

I got more out of 3 sessions with Phil than I did with 4 years of counseling. I understood for the first time what was happening with our attempts to communicate. Everything we thought we knew about communication was wrong and was the reason out situation was getting worse. We can’t believe how this information has changed our relationship.

R. Q., Entrepreneur

We had tried a number of different counselors before coming to Phil. All they did was listen and offered no solutions, so suggestions, no homework or assignments. In the first session with Phil, we knew what we were doing wrong and left that session with concrete and practical assignments to fix our situation.

R. B.

I had a bad problem with a temper. I tried everything. I went to a lot of counselors through the years. Nothing worked, no one helped me. I was desperate. I lost wives, jobs, had runs in with the law because of my temper. When I went to Phil, I immediately understood what was causing my temper and how to begin to control it. The first week I had only one or two outbursts, both short lived. Six sessions and eight weeks later, I was had all I needed to continue to work on my temper. He saved my marriage and changed me.

K. T.

I came for relationship issues and had a long list of health issues I couldn’t fix. After one session I saw how they were all related.

R. D.

I don’t come to counseling to talk only. I come for solutions. I found Phil’s solution and practical approach much better than the ‘talking only’ approaches I found with other counselors.

E. G.

I came in for job stress issues, I left seeing how I need to rethink some fundamental life issues if my husband and I are to live long enough to enjoy our grandchildren.

D. M

We thought our caring was dead after so much arguing. It was incredible to see how quickly we could stop the arguments and how quickly we started caring again.

H. J.

This (the solution), was so simple and obvious I didn’t know why I didn’t think of it myself.

O. S.

I did what Phil said it worked like a charm. I am only sorry I didn’t do this 8 years ago.

B. G.

It was amazing to see what Phil said would occur and it happened exactly that way.

J. Y.

This flied in the face of everything we were taught about good communication skills. Yet, it worked almost overnight to stop our arguments and begin to bring back our love. I thought our love was lost forever and we would never resolve our conflict.

K. K.
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