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is my marriage worth saving

End Your Fighting Tonight!

And Take Your First Step Back to Love!

Whatever state your relationship is in, no matter if your spouse is on the same page,

or even if you feel like it's impossible.

Webinar takes place on Monday March 18, 2019 at ​6pm ET

Are You Avoiding Your Partner This Very Moment?

Are you afraid to be in the same room with him or her for fear of a fight erupting in your face?  Have you lost the feeling of love for your partner, that is now replaced with dread, silence, anger, frustration... hopelessness?

Have you tried therapy, sitting through sessions dredging up ​emotions and hurts that you could not resolve or were equiped to deal with - and after multiple sessions found yourself only back to square one ---- money spent, time lost, and you're nowhere near falling back in love?

Hi, I'm Phil Deluca and I Almost Lost the Love of My Life Because of Marriage Therapy!

Phil Deluca Marriage Therapist

She​ had been sending me angry texts all day.  I just ignored them, and dove deeper into my work – my patients’ marital problems.

When the janitors arrived, I packed up my paper work and dragged my feet out of the office. Took the long way home to delay opening the back door and seeing her there: moping and stomping and bemoaning all my transgressions at the top of her substantial lungs.

It’s almost as if she expected me to respond with a barrage of the most devastating insults imaginable  – the only way to show her that her take on our relationship was the take of a mad woman.  Only to regret my loss of control an hour later.

I would always pause in front of the garage door.  How long would we go on wasting hours, days mulling over who said what when, and why, into the wee hours while curled up back-to-back?

The answer to that question began to unfold a few weeks later when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition.

I knew well the danger of the traditional pharma fix, and I was not going to have any of it.  So, I started to research like I hadn’t researched since grad school.

What I discovered about the workings of my human brain that fateful winter would lead to a 30 year career helping thousands of couples all over the world climb out of the relationship Dead Zone.

Had my own relationship not been teetering on the edge of the Dead Zone, and had I not turned myself around, I’d have never created Untalk Therapy.

And I’d never be happily married to the most loving, compassionate, smart, funny, talented lady I’ve ever met.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that we never have any conflict ­, it’s that we now know how and when to manage it (and how and when not to).

Now imagine again…

…what it would be like to actually leave work early and rush home…

To have dinner with your partner… To laugh at your old conflicts…

To snuggle, and caress, and make love with your whole body, mind and soul…

As you are envisioning this potential future, you are already preparing yourself to take the first STEP BACK TO LOVE.

How can you take that first step?

By signing up for my free webinar that’ll introduce you to my 5 STEPS BACK TO LOVE program: 30 years of UnTalk therapy at your fingertips.

​​Talk It Out Marriage Therapy Destroys Marriages

marriage counseling killing marriage

Because the research shows traditional Talk Therapy doesn’t work – nearly 40% of couples divorce within 4 years of talk therapy.  Therapy that costs them thousands of dollars. 

A fifth of them book 20 – 50 sessions!

How many sessions does Untalk Therapy require? Couples who have seen me in my office have been able to learn the required skills and brain science in about 8 – 10 sessions.

Now that I’ve condensed my counselling into a 5 hour course + chat room follow-up, I am able to offer UnTalk Therapy at a fraction of my private sessions fee.

To get a taste of how this program can save your relationship from the Dead Zone, sign up for my free webinar: STOP YOUR FIGHT TONIGHT.

Not sure you need it?

Go to my website and take my quiz to find out how far you really are from the Dead Zone. It can be hard to see a canyon when you’re standing at the bottom of it.

No matter how close you and your partner may be to that abyss, we can turn you around and get you trekking BACK TO LOVE in 5 weeks! 

What If It Doesn't Have to Be that Way?

Instead of avoiding your partner right now, you were yearning to see them?

Turning off the device you're reading this on to rush over to their side?

Greeting eatch other with a smile...

Sharing your day...

Laughing together...

And making love...

The way you used to.

​But Don't Take Our Word For It

​Client Success Stories

This was such an eye-opener!  We ahve the power to destroy the sources of our conflict and we did!  Thanks Phil.


Greenville, S.C.

Phil is a master communicator - and he's funny! He actually weaves the learning into real life healing.  We are forever thankful!


Chicago, IL

I don't know how or why my wife made me do it and it worked! We're still married AND more in love 2 years later.


St. Louis, MO

​I was numb to my husband.  After 8 years and two kids, I had nothing left and thought divorce was the only way.   Taking Phil's class breathed life back into our dead marriage and my life.


​New York, NY

is my marriage worth saving

End Your Fighting Tonight!

And Take Your First Step Back to Love!

Whatever state your relationship is in, no matter if your spouse is on the same page,

or even if you feel like it's impossible.

Webinar takes place on Monday March 18, 2019 at ​6pm ET