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How To Build A Great Relationship And Avoid Costly Traditional Therapy


​When we find ourselves in a confrontational situation we instinctively go into “fight or flight” mode.  If we don’t have the right tools to control the wave of emotions we experience, we will oftentimes go down a path we’ll later regret.  This is especially true in our relationships.  Disagreements are inevitable in any relationship, and […]

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Bearded Black Cowboy: Restore Your Love & Family

restore your love

Philip DeLuca. (LCSW). You have heard of Dr. Phil. Well, Deluca is known as Dr. Un. That is because he is the Un-TalkTM Therapist and Un-TherapyTM is what he does: he teaches people how to stop talking in order to communicate better, heal their relationship(s) and their health! Let me explain. I have developed a new approach to communication. It is both an expose on how current […]

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