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How close is your love to

The Dead Zone™ ?

*If you discover that you're closer than you think don't panic, Phil has guided thousands of couples out of  The Dead ZoneTM.

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WARNING:  Talking to Your Partner Can Be Dangerous to Your Relationship!

is this relationship worth saving

Warning signs that your relationship is slipping into The Dead ZoneTM:

Talking in Circles

You and your partner rehash the same complaints and insults.  Words have lost their meaning and power.

Frequent Anger Cycles

Arguments that end in post-rage numbness become so common you don't even notice them.

Waning Health

You're drinking more, sleeping less, seeking comfort in food. You're too emotionally drained to exercise.

What Phil's clients say about UnTalkTM Therapy:

Suzanne S.

We went from the brink of divorce to falling in love again!

”What was interesting was that I saw how I was making the same mistake in my marriage that I was with my family growing up, my children and at work.” Suzanne S.  Salisbury, NC

From the "dead zone" back to loving and living.

“I got more out of 3 sessions with Phil than I did with 4 years of counseling with other therapists.” Brett K. Holly, NC

Brett K.
Debra H.

We hit the wall.  The chain of counselors pushed us there.

“We had tried a number of different counselors before coming to Phil. All they did was listen and offered no solutions, so suggestions, no homework or assignments. In the first session with Phil, we knew what we were doing wrong and left that session with concrete and practical assignments to fix our situation.” Debra H. Charlotte, NC

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is my marriage worth saving

Un-TalkTM Therapist Phil DeLuca

When you’re booking your first session with a therapist you probably don’t expect he’ll ask you to bring a pair of sunglasses. Or build a domino tower while planning your dinner menu. Unless of course, that therapist is Phil DeLuca, the UnTalk TM therapist.

Why UnTalk TM ?

If you’ve tried traditional relationship therapy you probably remember being asked to sit on a pricey, comfortable couch and follow your impulse to “talk out” all that anger, frustration and irritation with your partner, spouse, child or parent.

Phil DeLuca wants you to stop talking for a while.

That advice may sound counterintuitive, but it’s coming from a man who has saved thousands of relationships from what he calls the “Dead Zone,” that post-prickly, numbed-out point in a relationship when you simply stop caring about your loved one. Many people are pushed there in part by stale, unscientific “express yourself” communication approaches. So 1970s. As a young counselor Phil studied and employed traditional talk therapy in his own relationships, until … he became his own guinea pig.

Enter brain science.

After filling his wall with degrees that espoused traditional “talk it all out” therapy Phil started to rebel, and gradually developed the revolutionary love science – a holistic brain chemistry-based communication which he employs during his Untalk therapy. With Phil, expect the unexpected – both in your session and in your results.

Climbing out of “The Dead Zone” together

The relationship Dead Zone is a dangerous place. It needs to be navigated wisely and gingerly. Before you decide on a therapist who’ll escort you and your loved one out of your Dead Zone Phil wants you to know that 3 out of 4 marriages end after traditional talk therapy.

That’s because expressing yourself while in the wrong state of mind can actually cause you to slide deeper into the Dead Zone. But if you understand the workings of your brain chemistry before you begin the climb, your chances of escaping the Dead Zone improve exponentially.

Love ScienceTM: not a class you want to ditch

If you want to build a house that will withstand a tornado you need quality tools and a solid construction plan.

Love ScienceTM is your toolbox; UnTherapyTM the construction plan for building a robust, resilient relationship that can withstand emotional climate change.

He won’t make you take notes, but expect Phil to teach you:

· How your angry blow ups are incited by your brain chemistry

· How to stop your partner from perpetuating your anger

· When avoiding conflict is desirable

· What healthy communication looks like and how it makes you feel

· How your health is directly related to the health of your relationship

Is it safe to trust a rebel?

Phil has been his own guinea pig. It’s only after employing UnTherapyTM   tactics to save his own relationships from The Dead Zone that he began to apply it to the thousands of clients who describe their success on our case studies page.